Budget: The best accounting software for small businesses(2021)

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If managing your budget can sometimes seem laborious, there are dozens of software to do your accounts that have the sole objective of making your job easier.

Because in the end, keeping a monthly budget is above all to put in place a strategy to be able to finance the dreams and goals that are most important to you. What could be more motivating?

Budgeting software can help you master the basics of finance, manage your money more efficiently, and even reach your long-term financial goals much faster.

We present to you in this article a selection of the best software to do your accounts and manage your personal finances , whether you want to follow your budget on your computer or directly from your smartphone.

Bankin ‘.

A free mobile application very popular in France, Bankin ‘has for mission to make money management a simple task and accessible to all.

Among its many features, this modern design app offers many possibilities for managing your personal finances:

  • To do his accounts
  • Categorize your expenses
  • Easily forecast your forecast balance at the end of the month
  • Monitor your savings
  • Make transfers between accounts or to a third party

Banking ‘can synchronize with your bank account to automate each of these tasks and thus allow you to manage your money quickly and transparently.


Presentation of the Linxo budgeting software website

Founded by two French people, the promise of the Linxo budget application is simple : to transform the way you do your accounts & manage your savings into a real moment of pleasure!

Ranked in the top 5 of the best software for doing your accounts, Linxo approaches a minimalist design and makes budget monitoring simple and automatic through clear graphics that get to the point. Ideal for all those who aim to avoid taking the lead …

Linxo allows you to follow all your accounts in a single interface . The app is free, but there is also a paid version with a few more premium features . But if you’re new to managing your budget, the free version may be more than enough.

Another important advantage: the mobile app, available on Android and iOS, allows you to access your balances at any time – but a web and desktop version is still available for fans of the big screen.

This is a feature that I particularly appreciate, because even if the mobile application is essential to manage your daily expenses, having a somewhat broader view of your finances for a monthly analysis for example remains very important in my opinion. .

Software interface for making YNAB accounts

Personal finance management software that I particularly like to manage my personal accounts, YNAB  (acronym for You Need a Budget ) is much more than an application for managing your budget . It’s a real philosophy.

The current version of YNAB incorporates many features that make it an extremely comprehensive tool for dealing with anything related directly or indirectly to your personal finances.

Make accounts, budget your money, track your purchases and expenses, follow the evolution of your capital, create savings objectives … everything goes! Designed especially for those new to budgeting, all of these features don’t make it a complex app to use. On the contrary, it remains ideal for those who just want to get started.

For those who are uncomfortable with Shakespeare’s language, the only downside is that the platform is not currently fully translated into French.

There is, however, a browser extension (called Toolkit for YNAB  which you can install by clicking on this link) that allows you to translate the interface at 49%.

You also have the possibility to create and name your own categories in French if you wish.

Another strength of this tool: YNAB offers many blog articles as well as webinars to help you get started with the platform and discover all its secrets … The application is currently offered at a price of $ 6.99 / month – which remains in the middle range of other software to do its accounts.


Another automated budget management solution , Budgea offers you the possibility of grouping together in a single interface the monitoring of your balances, your capital but also your invoices.

Like most  external account aggregators , Budgea allows you to list your expenses in the categories of your choice in order to reflect your consumption habits as closely as possible.

Their API allows you to connect to the websites of more than 200 banking institutions in complete security to offer automatic synchronization of your banking transactions.

Small bonus: Budgea also allows you to track your professional expenses.

For further

If you want to explore other software, guides, or resources to better manage your budget and money, you can browse the Resources page of the blog which lists various recommendations on the best tools to choose from.

Have you ever tested any of this software to do your accounts? Or do you use another method to do your accounts? Give us your opinion in the comments!

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