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From setting up a content marketing strategy to actually observing results, the road is long and sometimes painful. This is particularly the case for setting up a content marketing strategy. Content marketing is not akin to a sprint but a marathon, strategic direction, establishing goals, research, planning, and production, should result in a work of observation and analysis of its performance.

To organize their strategic process, marketing professionals turn to software. We introduce you to the most popular content marketing tools and show you how they can enrich your marketing content.

Keywords and search theme tools

The internet is full of valuable information and compelling stories. So how do you find relevant topics that can interest and entertain potential customers? These content marketing tools inspire, show trends, and deliver keyword ideas  :


The Keyword Planner is part of Google Ads, the world’s largest search engine advertising system. The free tool is the first point of contact for marketers around the world for keyword ideas and traffic forecasts .

Answer the Public

Answer the audience is a consumer analysis tool that organizes the search terms offered by Bing and Google in categories such as What , Where, Who , When , How and Why and displays them as a search cloud (search cloud) .


Feedly serves as an RSS reader primarily to manage RSS feeds from various blogs and news portals and is therefore a valuable source of content ideas . Feedly gives you the opportunity to create an individual news desk that continuously delivers new, interesting and relevant content around the main theme of your content marketing strategy.


Buzzsumo is a dedicated social web search engine that allows you to search social media for different formats such as text, graphics or videos to identify trending topics and keywords. This content marketing tool also makes it possible to find people called “Influencers”, potential ambassadors of your brand for your own content.


Visual.ly is a community platform for infographics and data visualization . Users search the site for ideas for graphics, videos, and other visual content formats, or create their own charts, diagrams, and infographics.

Influencer marketing tools

Influencer marketing tools are online platforms and web applications that allow you to connect with influencers and assess their value to a concrete marketing campaign. Are you active in influencer marketing  ? So we recommend that you take a look at the following tools.

DB influencer

DB Influencer is an influencer database that allows you to professionally analyze potential brand ambassadors or perform data-driven influencer marketing. Instagram’s tool provides follower figures, interaction rates, and information on the most popular hashtags and placements.


With Influma , you can observe social media speeches, analyze which topics are performing particularly well on which channels, identify opinion leaders and, if necessary, network with ambassadors and brand multipliers.


The Hypr influencer marketing platform contains data on more than 10 million influencers across all relevant social networks and enables you to perform demographic, psychographic and geographic analyzes of thought leaders and their target groups.


Onalytica is Influencer relationship management software . The tool allows you to identify influencers, contact them and manage influencer programs.


The Kred platform provides you with influence indicators and assesses potential brand ambassadors based on two key figures. The influence score is derived from mentions, retweets, responses as well as the number of followers of the influencer and thus makes it possible to draw conclusions about the potential of an influencer to influence other Internet users. The activity of an influencer in social networks is measured by the level of outreach.

Content Curation Tools

The Content-Curation is a form of content marketing in which the focus is not on its own content. Instead, third-party content available on the web is selected, reorganized, and enriched with comments presented on your own website or in social networks. The following tools will help you organize your content marketing campaign:


The Triberr content marketing suite is aimed at bloggers and small businesses who want to expand their content offering through content curation. Users use the tool to research relevant topics, attract influencers, organize their contributions, and perform them in online communities.


Sniply is a URL server that allows you to enrich shared content from third parties on the Internet with call to action buttons and thereby attract readers to your website. The range of functions is complemented by monitoring tools and A / B testing.


Scoop. is an all-in-one solution for content discovery and curation. Create, share, collect and arrange the content and publish the result directly on the platform, on your own website, or on social media.


The all-in-one Curata solution also combines content discovery and curation. The tool rates the content based on machine learning algorithms and determines a relevance score for you from it. A text editor and an image database are available for content preparation. Publishing takes place as required in the system’s own CMS or via external software.

Promotion, retargeting and personalization tool

With the following tools, you can select content according to the individual needs of potential customers, place it in the right place at the right time, and thereby increase the conversion rate of your online offers.

One Spot

OneSpot is designed as a platform for individualization. The tool helps you provide potential customers with personalized content based on their preferences. The product line includes website personalization, email personalization, and strategic content analysis.


Evergage is a real-time personalization platform that evaluates customer data using machine learning algorithms. Use the software to better understand customers and prospects and send them personalized marketing messages.


Monetate relies on an artificial intelligence-assisted personalization engine to individualize advertising messages , enabling automated one-to-one communication with customers and prospects.


Demandbase is a targeting and personalization platform for B2B marketing. The functional spectrum of the software includes tools with which companies can be analyzed, segmented and addressed through personalized advertising metrics based on characteristics such as industry, revenue, customer status or product selection.

Email Marketing Tools

Do you trust email marketing? In this case, you should consider serving your content using professional newsletter tools . They allow you to create creative template-based posts, personalize email campaigns, and share content quickly and easily with your subscribers. The following tools have a proven track record in content marketing.


With the MailChimp email marketing tool you can create creative newsletter campaigns and always read emails at the right time thanks to data-driven automation. The range of functions includes an intuitive model editor, analysis functions and interfaces to various CRM systems.


Newsletter2Go is email marketing software that allows you to develop and automatically send professional newsletter campaigns. The software is hosted on German servers and features DSGVO-compliant recipient data processing.


CleverReach email marketing software specializes in target group email marketing campaigns . The range of functions includes a filter that cleans the address lists of invalid or erroneous addresses. CleverReach also advertises in accordance with the DSGVO.

Graphics tools

A picture is worth 1000 words. When it comes to content marketing, high-quality image content is ideal for grabbing the attention of potential customers and standing out from the mass of text-based advertising offers. Think professional graphics production is expensive and time consuming? Not necessarily. With these tools, you produce impressive graphics, illustrations, logos or other design projects for your content marketing campaign even without having prior knowledge or a team of experts on hand.


Piktochart is an intuitive graphical tool for beginners . The software provides different templates for design projects, which can be individualized with just a few clicks.


The Infogram chart tool is used for data visualization and offers you many templates for diagrams, maps or infographics as well as over a million photos and icons.


With PicMonkey , you can edit images for your content marketing campaigns or create graphics and collages from scratch. The tool helps you with different templates, icons, fonts, filters and effects.


The Easelly online tool provides users with infographic templates which, according to the developers, allow each user to visually present their ideas, data or process.


The zsuite online platform includes the graphic tools youzign, gifzign, mockzign and logozign. This allows for quick and easy creation of template-based graphics, GIFs, mockups and logos .

Video tools

Videos convey emotions better than any other medium and therefore are an integral part of content marketing. With these video tools, you can put your recordings in the spotlight and video content on the big screen:


Thanks to Magisto you can create impressive videos for your marketing campaigns in just a few minutes. The tool offers an AI-enabled video editor as well as solutions for the cross-channel distribution of video content.


Wirecast by Telestream is live video production software . In addition to live feeds, the tool is also suitable for webinars, webcasts, sports reporting, educational videos, and social media content.


With Camtasia , TechSmith offers a complete solution for screen recording . The tool includes pixel perfect screen recorder and various video editing functions.


The Knovio video platform focuses on the organization and exchange of video content for internal communication, training and online presentations. In addition, the tool allows live streaming of events such as conferences.

Audio tools

Slowly but surely, speech-based interaction is establishing itself as an attractive alternative to the mouse and touchscreen. The Gartner Research Institute predicts that by 2020, 30% of browser sessions will be screenless. The following tools will help you meet the growing demand with engaging audio content.


Audacity is a free , cross-platform, open-source audio editor with a built-in recorder. With this tool, you can mix and edit audio files on any number of tracks. The software supports import and export of all popular audio formats.


Podbean is an online podcast hosting platform . In addition to downloading and administration, the range of functions also includes the publication and marketing of user-created podcasts.

ePodcast Creator

ePodcast Creator is audio recording and editing software designed specifically for podcast creation. The tool also offers an RSS feed creator and an FTP client to publish and distribute your podcasts.


Soundclound is one of the world’s most popular music and podcast streaming platforms with around 175 million users worldwide. With SoundCloud, they not only present their audio content to a large international audience but also receive detailed statistics and direct feedback from the SoundCloud community.

Interactive content tools

Interactive content increases user engagement and, when used correctly, can provide you with interesting information about your target group, their preferences and interests. The following content marketing tools rely on gamification in order to elicit user interaction.

Contest Factory

With Contest Factory , you can create interactive content for social media platforms, mobile devices, or the World Wide Web in no time. The product portfolio includes gaming formats such as surveys, instant lotteries, and hashtag campaigns, as well as photo, video, audio and written contests.


Use SnapApp to deliver interactive content to your target audience. The content formats based on the issues of SnappApp help you better understand your audience and to get important information to your management prospects.


Use the Qzzr Quiz Creator to get relevant information from your customers about their needs, wants and preferences, to refine their profile and strengthen their engagement with the question and answer sets you have created yourself.


Votigo offers you a cloud-based social marketing suite specializing in the creation and distribution of interactive content on the mobile web and social networks. Use sweepstakes, contests, or coupons to generate leads or increase engagement with existing customers.

Management tools

The success of a content marketing campaign depends on the organization of the different stages of work. The campaign management is the focal point of all drivers son. It is about working out the assembled theme proposals, making the planning a reality and developing a binding content or editorial plan at the end. In order to keep an overview of all these tasks, it is advisable to use appropriate management tools, especially for large scale content marketing campaigns.


Trello is a classic project management tool , which is particularly suitable for organizing and planning small content marketing projects. Individual tasks within a campaign can be structured, precisely planned, and assigned to specific editors using a map-based dashboard.


Asana is a project management software originally developed by Facebook co-founders Dustin Moskowitz and Justin Rosenstein to optimize internal Facebook processes. Today, the tool is one of the main applications in the fields of task management, productivity and collaboration.


The creators of Evernote describe their tool as “  virtual memory  ”. Evernote allows project teams to store, organize, and archive task lists, documents, and notes. In addition, content from RSS feeds or other sources can be saved and tagged for later targeted access to relevant articles.

Content collaboration tools

Content collaboration tools serve the central administration of content, allow editorial teams to edit content on a division of labor basis, and ensure that all members always have access to the current version of content formats stored centrally. We recommend the following tools for collaborative management of content marketing campaigns  :

Google drive

Google Drive is the file hosting service of Google LLC. The tool provides users with a central data repository in the network and project teams with a web-based bureaucratic software package that enables joint processing of text documents, data tables or presentations.


The creators of GatherContent call their product a content operations platform . The tool allows marketing teams to manage content in one central location and can be integrated with a CMS or content delivery tool as needed.

Marketing automation tools

Those who can no longer manually manage their content marketing campaign due to its size can rely on marketing automation tools. In particular, they automate the selection and distribution of content, thus enabling an approach geared towards customer demand .


With Salesforce’s Pardot lead management tool , marketers respond to potential customer activities with automated marketing metrics. The tool is specially designed for the automation of B2B marketing processes.


Adobe Marketo’s marketing automation platform includes lead management, email marketing, existing customer marketing, and mobile marketing . The tool helps marketers prioritize potential customers based on demographic or behavioral considerations and enables them to build long-term relationships with customers through personalized campaigns.


Eloqua , Oracle’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) marketing automation platform, helps marketers automate lead generation marketing campaigns . The tool is designed for B2B marketing and even supports complex cross-channel campaigns.

Act on

Act-on is a marketing automation platform that helps coordinate inbound and outbound marketing campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle.


HubSpot is an all-in-one solution for marketing, sales, and customer service . The software is available in all four HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub modules or as a software suite covering all areas.

Marketing content tools for creating texts

Just as important as research is the professional implementation of ideas from developed topics. To stand out from the mass of offers, content marketing campaigns must not only convince by their relevance and added value, but also by the quality of the content produced . The following tools help marketers ensure the flawless quality of the textual content they offer:

Hemingway App Text Analysis

The Hemingway app checks the style and clarity of texts and relies on factors opposing them. The application identifies passive constructions, modal verbs, noun style and filler words and thus contributes to quality assurance . The frequency of a user-defined keyword is also determined for the creation of search engine optimized text.


The LanguageTool browser app checks the spelling and grammar of your texts. Can your text editor do this too? Certainly not as good as Language Tool.


WriteWell provides editors with proven templates for a variety of content formats such as essays, academic theses, dissertations, or cover letters. The tool is primarily aimed at pupils and students, but it is also suitable for the creation of corresponding texts in content marketing.


Work in a focused way, no possibility of distraction to increase production and quality, which is not easy for many copywriters. With the Forest browser app you can boost your motivation and self-discipline by blocking access to time-consuming sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, for a specified period of time.


WriteBox is a tool for anyone who really wants to avoid getting distracted from everything while producing content. Using the online tool, you can write your texts on a completely blank page, without any interface. Especially for blog posts, which are mostly straightforward and don’t need the extra functionality of common text editors, the program sets out to focus on the job.

Content creation platforms

You don’t want to create the content for your marketing campaigns yourself? No problem. On these platforms, you’ll find the right text for every format, from social media posts to specialist articles:


The Textbroker online platform connects clients and authors. On the site, you can book freelance writers through a valuation-dependent pricing model that always matches your quality requirements and available marketing budget.


Scripted is an online marketplace for freelance English speaking writers . Choose your ideal candidate among many profiles for the creation of marketing texts, blog articles


Zerys is an all-in-one platform for creating texts . Use the tool to plan content and find suitable texts or entrust everything.

Content distribution tools

Once the generation, coordination, and production of the ideas are complete, it’s time to get the content out to users. Depending on your alignment and communication strategy, your text, video and graphic content will now be routed to your advertising partners’ websites, social networks or directly to your customers by email. Here too, there are various content marketing tools that can help you keep the big picture.


Buffer helps marketers target major social media channels with content. The tool determines the ideal publication timeframe based on user engagement and automates content distribution based on user-defined processes.


The Hootsuite social relationship platform allows marketers to centrally manage various social media channels, hashtag-based search content, feeds and keywords, reorganize them and share with the community on one regular basis. In addition, team management functions as well as analysis and monitoring tools are available.


With the native Outbrain Discovery Network , marketers promote your content on reputable publisher websites.


The SlideShare file hosting service focuses on creating and sharing presentations and infographics . The platform allows content providers to prepare content for specific target groups and demonstrate their expertise. This makes SlideShare particularly suitable for B2B marketing.

Analysis and monitoring tools

In marketing, nothing works without measuring success, so  analysis and monitoring are very important. The market for tools to measure the success of content marketing metrics and keep tabs on all relevant key figures is therefore significant. The most well-known tools are:

Google analytics

Google Analytics , the world’s most widely used web tracking tool , provides content providers with detailed information about how people interact with web content. Integrated into a website, Google Analytics produces KPIs and website statistics that can be used to measure the success of marketing campaigns, among other things.


Matomo (formerly Piwik) is an open-source web analytics platform which is a good Alternative to Google Analytics, especially from a data protection point of view. Unlike the market leader, Matomo offers the possibility of storing all user data on its own server.


Socialbakers is used to analyze and measure the success of social media campaigns. The artificial intelligence-backed social media marketing suite provides marketers with various analytics tools to measure the response of social media content campaigns.


The Talkwalker social listening platform offers various tools for identifying, analyzing and evaluating discussions on the Internet. The possible applications range from campaign monitoring to crisis management.


Chartbeat combines website tracking with social media monitoring and delivers detailed information to content providers about how internet users interact with website or social media content. advice

In summary

Our selection shows it: the market for content marketing tools is large and diverse. The range extends from browser extensions for special applications to enterprise platforms with a full range of functions.

The trend is towards automation . Many tools are based on machine learning algorithms which are effectively sold as artificial intelligence (AI). However, a data-driven marketing campaign is only effective if the corresponding processes are defined and the automatisms implemented.

However, you should be careful not to include too many apps in the content marketing process. For large businesses, an all-in-one solution is the obvious choice. Tools like HubSpot, Eloqua, Pardot or Marketo support you throughout the marketing process. Having all the important data and information in one place has its advantage, but of course also its price.

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