How to sell on Instagram?

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More and more people like to look for inspiration and news on the social network Instagram. They take inspiration from photos, videos and stories and also love to discover new designs, trends and fashionable products . With a modern and inspiring visual identity, companies and their brands reach the desired targets on Instagram. On this basis, it is then possible to sell on Instagram successfully. Instagram is a particularly good channel for selling trendy physical and digital products. So what are the possibilities of increasing sales volume through Instagram?

Very good predictions for Instagram and sales

Social networks have an extremely important reach and it is for this very reason that they should not be left out of the marketing mix. And that is not likely to change in the future, quite the contrary, because according to eMarketer.com, by 2021, more than three billion people will use a social network on one of their devices at least once a month: this represents enormous potential for marketing. Today, social media already reaches over 70% of internet users worldwide, and the trend is still on the rise.

What are the other arguments for selling on Instagram?

Regardless of the usual predictions and considerations of how inspiring or connected the network is, there are plenty of other numbers that speak clearly in favor of Instagram and other social media platforms. Instagram now has more than a billion users worldwide. According to the publisher, around 60% of current users learn about new products directly on the platform. In addition, over 200 million Instagram users view a profile of a brand or business on a daily basis.

This means that the brand engagement or “brand engagement  ” on Instagram is much higher than on Facebook or WhatsApp, which are the other platforms of the Facebook group. However, certain target groups can be better reached via Facebook than via Instagram. So, depending on the product or service, it may also be more relevant to sell on Facebook.

Instagram Stories are at the heart of the platform’s success. According to Instagram, this increases the time users spend on videos by 80%. A surprising but welcome fact is that about a third of the most frequently viewed articles are actually not from influencers or private users, but directly from companies.

How to sell on Instagram? Steps to Successful Sales

The basis for every successful Instagram transaction is an attractive and interesting business profile . It’s practically your own Instagram homepage. The more people there are, the more action and the more background views, and in the end it all pays off. Sure, the products are there too, but they fit organically into Instagram’s feed and Stories.

Make an Instagram business profile attractive

These three elements should never be missing from a company profile:

  • profile picture or logo suitable for the target group . Artwork should be easily recognizable and integrate with the rest of the brand’s presence on the website and at the store level.
  • An optimized Instagram biography . The art is to address the target group emotionally and in terms of content with just a few words.
  • direct link to the store or website . At this level too, Instagram is restricted, indeed only one link is possible at a time. This link should still work, and the URL should be equipped with a tracking system to measure how many visitors ultimately come from Instagram.

Ads on Instagram

An additional step is the possibility of using Instagram ads (or Instagram Ads). They allow you to reach many people without necessarily having a lot of image or video content in your Instagram profile. A purchased Instagram ad will appear in the feed as a normal ad to the user and ideally blend into the feed organically. However, the advertisement is always labeled “sponsored content”.

Ads can be used to generate “likes” and increase the number of subscribers. But it is of course also possible to promote direct sales . The lower the threshold and the more attractive the products, the more then one can expect a quick transaction and a short customer journey from the Instagram ad through a product home page to a closed sale.

Like other proven advertising formats (e.g. Google Ads), Instagram Ads allow continuous optimization. All data useful for optimization is made available through the Instagram Business commercial functions of the application.

The trick: Insta Stories with links to your products

Insta Stories are even more straightforward and each can contain a link to a product. Stories are very popular with app users. If the content is humorous, emotional, or particularly informative, sometimes users may watch it multiple times. That’s why Instagram Stories are of course also suitable for direct selling, especially for trending products, popular apps and games and specials (with or without discounts).

A positive indirect effect is that – at least within 24 hours of visibility – the famous link-level restriction on Instagram can be bypassed. Each Story may contain another external link to the store or website.

With a well-designed tracking system and a link to the product that is only used once, the results of a sales-driven Instagram Story can also be evaluated. The knowledge gained can then be used for subsequent sales promotions. Continuous optimization is, as with Instagram ads, the key to lasting business success.

Better results from selling on Instagram? Web Marketing and Social Media

Certain target groups, such as young people between 18 and 29, can often only be reached through social networks such as Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Therefore, sales success depends on presence in these media. Websites and online stores are important to the transaction itself, but more and more visitors are coming directly from social media and not necessarily going through Google anymore.

Selling on Instagram, and like everything else that appeals to the platform in general, is all about exclusivity and direct connection. It is therefore recommended to always work with specific content for Instagram. For this, it is worth doing a real in-depth optimization. Some Instagram ads can still be seen a year or two later if they perform well.

It is easy to address people through pictures, as over 90% of all information reaching our brain is visual in nature! If you add movements or sounds, the message stays in memory even longer. This is why videos work better than pictures and pictures work better than text. If you want to sell on Instagram, you have to take it into account and profit from it. Text plays a minor role on the platform.

To meet Instagram’s high visual standards, it can be helpful to work with professional photographers and video producers , at least in the early stages of building an account / channel or marketing campaign. Subsequently, when the company has sufficient know-how regarding Instagram then the stories, photos and videos can be produced entirely in-house.

Better reach thanks to hashtags, keywords and influencers

For many companies, it is difficult to build an authentic community and an account with a sufficiently large radius of action. Fortunately, today there is at least one channel with followers, range, and content for virtually every topic – in our case, this is an “influencer” channel or account. In influencer marketing , the interested company and the influencer profile, which usually has a much broader reach, enter into a temporary or long-term strategic partnership. Through this method, the influencer connects the products and the brand with his followers. The greater the match between the influencer personality and the brand, the easier it is to sell products through Instagram.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is always recommended for businesses with a small marketing budget. Those who are already successfully active on Instagram and generating sales are already well-positioned in terms of SEO, because at the end of the day, Instagram hashtags are quite similar to the search terms resulting from the optimization for search engines. Much of the knowledge of search engine marketing can also be used for social media.

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