The best apps to automatically save

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Putting aside money is like playing sports.

We all know, deep down, that it would be a good idea to do it.

But yet, we rarely really want to … and often, we know we should be doing more.

And it’s the same when it comes to saving. We know that saving money is important: to protect ourselves in the event of a problem, or to be able to finance our projects for the future.

However, many of us don’t save enough every month.

Fortunately, saving money has just gotten a lot easier with the recent popularity of auto savings apps.

They are also a good alternative to creating a full budget for those who are starting from scratch, or those who have never managed to find their happiness in a monthly budget .

Their goal is to make saving money a passive and painless process .

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best auto savings apps, their benefits, and their limitations.


Moka’s goal? Help you achieve your financial goals by rounding off your purchases and, if you wish, investing your loose change.

The application connects securely to your bank account, automatically rounds the amount of each of your purchases up to the next euro, and sets aside the difference .

Ideal for the heads in the air who can’t manage to put money aside regularly.

And depending on the level of savings you want to achieve, you can multiply your rounding up to 8 times .

Moka has also recently offered to invest your small change in a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETF), and more specifically through a socially responsible investment solution.Main features

  • Programmable recurring transfers
  • Automatic rounding (can be multiplied up to 8x)
  • Socially responsible investment solution
  • Creation of different savings goals on the app

Advantages disadvantages


  • Quick registration and opening
  • 0 hidden fees
  • Lets you start investing your spare change in socially responsible funds
  • Moka lets you create different “goals” in the app and allows you to set aside money for each of your goals separately.

The inconvenients

  • Paid offer (but very affordable prices)
  • Like all other auto-savings apps, it’s hard to manage rounding if you’ve already built a solid monthly budget.


The app is free for the first month of use , then costs € 2.99 per month .

You can of course close your account at any time.


Cashbee is an automatic savings app with a simple mission: to help its users save more and better.

It works by creating a bridge between your current checking account and a paid MyMoneyBank account. You can then put money aside in this account by scheduling recurring transfers, or by following Cashbee’s recommendations.

The money placed in your paid account remains accessible at all times.Main features

  • Place your savings in an interest-bearing account (2% the first two months then 0.6%)
  • Programmable recurring transfers
  • Tailor-made recommendations of available money to be set aside
  • Threshold alerts
  • Estimation of interest earned in real time

Advantages disadvantages


  • Quick registration and opening
  • No fees or minimum amounts (at opening and closing)
  • Slightly more attractive remuneration than the Livret A, particularly the first year
  • A proactive tool via recommendations, which allows you to have valuable advice on the management of your savings
  • The application is free, and is intended to remain so.

The inconvenients

  • Like all other auto savings apps, hard to manage if you’ve already built a solid monthly budget
  • Other similar savings applications offer a little more varied functions than Cashbee, which nevertheless remains very interesting in its simplicity.
  • Does not offer automatic rounding like its competitors



Like his colleagues, Yeeld’s mission is also to help those who cannot save to put aside .

And more precisely, to “go from 0 to 1000 euros aside effortlessly” .

Yeeld is both a savings account and a mobile personal assistant that helps you save.

And beyond the automatic rounding, Yeeld also offers a lot of fun rules to save (really) effortlessly.

Recently, Yeeld has also offered a Mastercard bank card with its Expert plan.Main features

  • Programmable recurring transfers
  • Automatic rounding
  • 52-week challenge ( € 1 aside the 1st week, € 2 the 2nd week … Up to € 52 the 52nd week)
  • Heads or tails with an amount to save
  • Amazon cashback
  • Mastercard bank card (Expert plan)

Advantages disadvantages


  • Modern interface, design and (very) easy to use
  • “Gamification” of the original savings (coin toss game, 52 week challenge, etc.)
  • Creation of “capsules”, sub-accounts to save money for each of your goals
  • Up to 4% cashback on Amazon, which can be beneficial if you consume regularly on this site

The inconvenients

  • Internet users complain about fairly frequent changes in the offers, prices, and conditions of use of the service
  • Outgoing transfers at € 2 in the basic offer, and withdrawals at two euros (if you request the card)


Yeeld offers 3 different plans, one of which is free :

Basic ?Complete ?Expert ?
Free€ 4.99 / month€ 9.99 / month


Packshot of the Bruno savings app


? In November 2020, Bruno announced that he was ending his services. One less fintech in the field, which nevertheless has the potential of automatic savings apps.

Bruno was also an application that allows you to save to finance your projects .

It was a smart savings account that saved for you . Bruno analyzed your daily expenses to regularly suggest amounts to set aside according to your situation.

For that, Bruno’s chatbot contacted you via Facebook Messenger and offered to set aside a sum – which you could accept or refuse.

Your savings were then placed in a secure account. You can withdraw these sums whenever you want.

As a bonus

Today, more and more neobanks are offering features similar to automatic savings apps directly from your bank account, including:

  • Automatic rounding , now available at N26 and Revolut
  • One-off and automatic transfers , which are obviously also supported.

The savings features of neobanks are therefore rarely as complete as the apps for saving, but they can be a good compromise if your needs are limited to rounding or transfers.

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