Why use Instagram for your business?

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Entrepreneurs are very active on Facebook. However, depending on their targets and sector of activity, they could have a much more interesting return on investment with other social networks, and in particular with Instagram. Why can this network help you boost your turnover? The answer in 6 points.

1. The success of Instagram

More than 800 million Internet users are active on this application every month. Almost 60% of them even use it every day. Many companies quickly understood the interest and the stake of this network, being very present there: they are today more than 8 million.

2. The queen platform of engagement

Struggling to generate engagement with your community? (likes, comments…). Note that Instagram is the network where Internet users are the most active.

When you look at the accounts of different people, it seems very easy to expand your audience with daily reactions from Internet users that you don’t know. There are many tips to make yourself known quickly on this network, because users are really committed to it, much more than on other networks.

3. A young and female audience

Your main target is young and feminine? If you haven’t already, then start taking a serious interest in this network. On Instagram, 65% of users are women, compared to 35% men. A relatively young audience: According to the Global Web Index, 76% of users are under 34 years old.

4. Illustrate yourself in pictures

The interest of Instagram: sharing photos and videos. For you, the objective is therefore to present your company in images: your history, your products and services, behind the scenes of your company, or your teams … Prioritize quality over quantity, because the beauty of the photos is an essential factor for succeed on this network.

Keep the idea that you have to offer quality images and videos to inspire your subscribers. Be creative!

5. Targeted advertising

You can manage your Instagram ads from the same platform on Facebook: Business Manager. You then choose your initial objective: notoriety, traffic, interaction or conversion. You can then target your paid advertisements: age, geolocation, centers of interest… A way to accurately capture a large number of prospects!

6. Influencer marketing

If you plan to work with influencers, Instagram can be an essential network for your strategy. Indeed, many YouTubers, bloggers and influencers are present there. Some are known exclusively on this network: Instagrammers. Partnering with them for certain communication campaigns can help you reach out to their community.

Still skeptical? Find 2 other reasons to use Instagram, and in particular my opinion on B2B companies, in the video above!

In conclusion, think about Instagram when creating your digital strategy. Many brands are putting all their energy into a Facebook strategy when they could have better results with Instagram. Always think about a real upstream strategy, and above all: be persevering and patient! To reap its fruits, an Instagram strategy must last over the long term 

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